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Hi! I'm Tobias,
a food-loving University student who is slowly hitting his mid-twenties and starts to seriously consider botox.
First things first: I am not one of those multi-talented and multi-tasking mum bloggers with killer cooking, baking and decorating skills that are both amazing and inspiring. I don't own a high-end kitchen, a kitchen aid or anything too fancy, really. It does not take more than a hand mixer and a few basic kitchen utensils to prepare the recipes from my blog.

I am trying to make easy, doable yet delicious dishes that (hopefully) still are easy on the eye and light on your wallet. All I know about kitchen business I have taught myself through books, television, later the internet and most importantly - trial and error. My beautiful mother is a hard-working single parent and while I was never missing anything in my life and was always kept well-fed and jolly, cooking has never been her hobby. I understood that after working from nine to five, standing in the kitchen for a great part of the rest of the night was nothing naturally fun. So rather sooner than later I started to cook myself - both to help her out a little but also to change up the routine. My interest was piqued.
I do not think I am the most skilled cook or baker with too much expertise – so I doubt you will need too much skill either. I'm going with the mantra: When I can do it – you can do it!
In fact, if there is any skill required for a recipe I believe that it can be acquired by going through it in a learning by doing manner. When there is anything I think could be troublesome in the slightest, I tend to talk you through the recipe making it as fool-proof as I can so you don't have to hit a bump I may have hit. ;)

Many of the recipes on here I wrote myself, others are from books and magazines translated especially for you (I'm European  - German to be precise) and sometimes I adapt recipes from fellow bloggers - with the source always given, of course.

A balanced diet is key, so I try to keep my cooking recipes on the healthier side (with exceptions, I'm sure). However, there is nothing that can hold me back from going all the way down to sugar lane at the corner to butter road when it comes to sweets! If I want to indulge into something sweet, I want it to be unapologetically delicious! If it's still not too bad for me – even better! But I won't cut down on flavour!

I have started this blog because like so many others I wanted a place where I can keep track of the things I am preparing and maybe share them with others.
I would love to hear some feedback from you so if you have any questions or are just a nice, chatty person, tandteacake (AT) gmail.com is how you can get in touch with me!

Thank you a lot for visiting my blog and if you like what you see, please add it to your bookmarks, subscribe by Email or follow me via Facebook or Pinterest!


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  1. Love getting to know more about you, and I adore your site as you may have guessed :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving that thoughtful birthday greeting, Tobias. I liked reading this 'About' page of yours, and wish I was as resourceful as you as a student and liked cooking back in those days! Haha, well, if you know my story, then you know it's never too late to learn - I started my blog (and became really interested in food) when I was 42!

    I used to live in Germany for 3 years, so that side of you I can relate to as well :). Good luck with your blogging, I'm sure you'll go far!

  3. Nice to meet you Tobias and thanks for visiting my blog. I applaud you for cooking while at university with limited gadgets and facilities. Well done! :)

  4. Hi Tobia, very mice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog!
    I'm not a multi-tasking mum (not yet), but I own a fancy kitchen (Ka and other cool stuff included). I admit, that's one of my weaknesses.
    However, despite my kitchen obsession, I do love share my passion about food and my recipes with people from other countries and I'm so fascinated by other cooking styles.
    I admire your genuine love for cooking and good luck with your blog!
    Cheers : )

  5. Hi tobia, I'm really glad to have found your blog! The kitchen you describe soudns very much like the kitchen I have, and your situation as a uni student, trying to eat well most of the time sounds just like me too (: I study in lndon,a nd only started learning to cook so I can feed myself, but have since discovered my love for cooking! great blog and look forward to seeing more (:

  6. hi tobias. your blog looks really good and I like your motivation. I am definitely going to follow your posts.

    well done!



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